Nabs attempt to bury secret documents blows up at B

Nanatyasastra.combs attempt to bury secret documents blows up at B.C. Supreme Court

“It’s a huge win,” said Bill Wajda, who is representing Nabs. He said he’s going to start working with the New Democrats to introduce a constitutional amendment in October. “I would be very glad to see them actually have a vote on it.”

Nabs’ lawyer, Peter McColl, said the case has prompted his client to do more work outside of court. A recent presentation he gave about the court’s decision will appear at the upcoming annual provincial conference of the Canadian Bar Association in Vancouver on Sunday.

“It was one of the best, most important presentations I’ve ever seen,” he said.

The court ruling came as a shock to Nabs, who spent his 20-year career in legal and executive positions. Nabs served three terms before retiring in 2006, when he began working as director of public affairs for the New Democrats.

He said his main concern is the future of his family.

“What I’ve just said at the moment is that I have 바카라사이트decided to do everyt우리카지노hing I can to try and help that family,” Nabs said in a statement. “This is going to be the biggest fight yet.”

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