Social media at the conference

The use of social media seems to have emerged as one of the themes of this conference. It seems appropriate, therefore, that we make use of them as a method of communication. Hence this website, and more specifically, this blog hosted on this website.

Feel free to comment on posts (moderated, to keep the commercial spamming down). If you’re interested in posting, please send a note to Wendy Reynolds or Janey Chen and request a user ID. We’ll hook you up!

Twitter users: we’ve settled on #aplic12 as the hashtag for the conference. The live feed will start to show any activity using this hashtag – you can use this to post questions, comments, photos. We’re hoping that we can have a contingent live tweeting sessions. Wifi is available in the main legislative building – you may need a certificate from our IT folk to allow you to access it.

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3 Responses to Social media at the conference

  1. Ellen says:

    Just wondering – is anyone planning on setting up a twitter list of all conference attendees who are on twitter so other conference attendees can follow them all in one go?

    • Wendy Reynolds says:

      Sounds like a great idea, Ellen. If you have a Twitter account, share it through the comments here, and I’ll add it to the “Who’s Coming” page.

  2. Pat Kolesar says:

    @patk143 although I doubt I will be participating — I loathe Twitter. One of my librarian friends tweets non-stop from conferences, little snippets of things with absolutely no context. Sound-bite stuff. Supremely annoying. I rarely check my account.

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