Fun things to do in Toronto – for nature lovers

Yes, that’s right, nature in the big smoke. Contrary to popular belief, there are some trees and grass and water in Toronto.

For a short quick getaway from the conference try strolling through the beautiful buildings and grounds at the University of Toronto towards the Annex and contemplate what you’ve learned on the Philosopher’s Walk. It’s right next door to the Royal Ontario Museum.

If you have more time try a walk, jog or bike through the network of ravines and see why Toronto calls itself the “City Within A Park.” If you want to see more greenery than Queen’s Park can provide try High Park or Edwards Gardens.  For a farmer’s market and learning about sustainable design try the community environment centre  Evergreen Brickworks, one gateway to the ravine system.  After a visit there you can walk, jog or bike the Don Valley trail. Further north, the Rosedale Ravine trail is also popular for joggers.

Evergreen Brickworks has a Saturday farmer’s market. Photo from:

A good place to see water is at Harbourfront or one of the Beaches.  Harbourfront is also a destination for international food festivals, art, theatre and film.  The Beach at Queen Street East is a popular stretch full of restaurants and shops, as well as a long boardwalk and bike trail.

And don’t forget to take a break from shopping at the nearby urban Village of Yorkville Park. It is more suited to sipping a cappuccino and people watching, but a park nonetheless, with a great big rock to climb!

The Rock in Village of Yorkville Park

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2 Responses to Fun things to do in Toronto – for nature lovers

  1. Eileen Lewis says:

    Seconded on walking/running the ravine trails. Some good routes at:

  2. Wendy Reynolds says:

    Is Sugar Beach considered nature? I get a nice long walk out of getting there and back.

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