Good Eats Nearby

As one of the Library’s resident foodies, here are some of my recommendations for tasty eats in the general vicinity of the Legislature.

Harbord Fish & Chips - 147 Harbord Street

What looks like a pretty white-washed garage from the outside is actually home to the City’s best fish’n'chips.  The fact that what limited seating there is consists of picnic tables outside means that this is not the best destination for inclement weather.  If the weather holds though, in my humble opinion there are few things better than tucking into a pile of chips with the requisite malt vinegar and tartar sauce sided with generous portions of haddock, cod, or halibut all encased in a shatteringly crisp batter.  It behooves you to not look too closely at the oil-soaked paper left behind after your meal.

Kinton Ramen – 51 Baldwin Street

If the weather should happen to decide that we’re effectively done with summer and into fall, there are few better ways to chase away the chills than with a big, steaming bowl of authentic ramen.  Kinton Ramen is a stand-out.  Big, brothy bowls heaped with varying combinations of pork and runny boiled egg, Kinton is a great, boisterous, fun time.  Be prepared for line-ups during peak periods!

Caplansky’s Delicatessen - 356 College Street

The opening of Zane Caplansky’s delicatessen meant that Torontonians no longer had to hightail it to Montréal for a taste of delicious Montréal style smoked meat sandwiches piled high on rye and sided with mustard.  Come here for delicious deli classics – latkes, matzoh ball soup, and a sandwich so satisfying that we wouldn’t dream of judging if you decided to risk the jealous looks of your airplane cabinmates by taking one home with you in your carry on.

Toronto Food Trucks

For those eager to sample from the growing number of food trucks currently taking Toronto foodies by storm, then the Toronto Food Trucks site will handily email and tweet updates on the location of these wandering purveyors of genre-busting gastronomic delights.


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One Response to Good Eats Nearby

  1. Wendy Reynolds says:

    I may have to do a head-to-head comparison of Harbord Fish and Chips vs The One that Got Away (on King St). They make some pretty awesome fish tacos at TOTGA!

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