Who’s Coming

Heather Close, Reference and Research Services Coordinator

Val Footz, Legislature Librarian

Dr. Philip Massolin, Committee Research Coordinator

British Columbia

Peter Gourlay, Acting Director, Legislative Library

Byron Plant, Committee Research Analyst

Susan Sourial, Committee Clerk

Emily Yearwood Lee, Acting Manager of Reference

Federal Parliament

Lynn Brodie, Director General, Library of Parliament

June Dewetering, Chief Macroeconomics and Trade Section, Library of Parliament

Sonia L’Heureux, Parliamentary Librarian

Maureen Martyn, Chief, Current Awareness and Strategic Analysis, Library of Parliament

Bill Young, Former Parliamentary Librarian


Dorryce Smelts, Head, Government Publications and Library Systems

Greg Recksiedler, Research Officer

New Brunswick

Kenda Clark-Gorey, Legislative Librarian

New Zealand

Ellen Fitzsimons, Information Manager (Acting) cle0patra

Newfoundland and Labrador

Andrea Hyde, Information Specialist – Client Service

Northwest Territories

Colette Langlois, Director, Research, Library and Information Services

Vera Raschke, Legislative Librarian

Nova Scotia

Heather Ludlow, Information Services Librarian

Margaret Murphy, Legislative Librarian


Yvonne Earle, Nunavut Legislative Librarian


Erica Anderson, Research Librarian

Julie Anderson, Collections and Research Librarian

Steve Andreacola, Supervisor, Collections & Acquisitions

Donna Burton, Director, Legislative Library

Elaine Campbell, Researcher

Candace Chan, Researcher

Janey Chen, Technology Librarian

Helen Chong, Research Librarian

Sandra Craig, Supervisor, Ontario Documents

Yasuko Enosawa, Collections Technician

Margaret Heslin, Press Clippings Technician

Karen Hindle, Researcher

Allice Hong, Collections Technician

Carrie Hull, Researcher

Susanne Hynes, Research Librarian

Teri-Lynn Janveau, Collections Technician

Philip Kaye, Manager, Legislative Research Service

Brian Land, Former Legislative Librarian

Mercedes Lee, Research Librarian

Yolanda Le Fort, Collections Technician

Eileen Lewis, Research Librarian @eflewis

Lorraine Luski, Researcher

Anne Marzalik, Researcher

Ray McLellan, Researcher

Andrew McNaught, Researcher

Jean McQuattie, Research Librarian

June Pae, Research Librarian

Grace Renwick, Circulation and News Technician

Wendy Reynolds, Manager, Library Client Services, @wenlib

Joanne Robertson, Collections Technician

Sidra Sabzwari, Researcher

Rick Sage, Research Librarian

Rosie Salvo, Supervisor, Serials Technicians

Pramila Thakur, Library Application Developer

Brian Tobin, Manager, Collections Management

Susan Swift, Director, Legislative Research Service

Susan Viets, Researcher

Fiona Watson, Research Librarian

Karen Wierucki, Coordinator, Digital Resources

Vicki Whitmell, Legislative Librarian

Prince Edward Island

Laura Morrell, Research Librarian

Ryan Reddin, Research Officer


Frederic Fortin, Directeur général des affaires institutionnelles et de la Bibliothèque

Marie-Hélène Fournier, Coordonnatrice du Service de la référence de la Bibliothèque

Jacques Gagnon, Directeur, Service de la recherche de la Bibliothèque


Melissa Bennett, Legislative Librarian

Michelle Giese, Reference and Electronic Resources Librarian

Pat Kolesar, Assistant Legislative Librarian

Rob Park, Committee Clerk

Leslie Polsom, Director of Reference Services

Stacey Ursulescu, Committee Clerk, Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan

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