APLIC - GALLOP Portal Scope

The GALLOP (Government and Legislative Libraries Online Publications) Portal, maintained by The Association of Parliamentary Libraries in Canada (APLIC), provides access to full text and/or citations to electronic legislative and government publications held in libraries of the Association of Parliamentary Libraries in Canada.

Portal scope is based on the collection policies and practices of individual APLIC libraries. Content varies with each jurisdiction.

The portal is not comprehensive or exhaustive.

Jurisdiction Start date Items currently in APLIC portal Monographs Serials Full text Bibliographic Records only Legislative publications Government publications Government Press Releases Language Library catalogue link Notes
Alberta *2002 18873 Yes Yes Yes   Legislative committee reports only. Yes No English http://elibrary.assembly.ab.ca *Selective pre-2002 content. Began collecting government annual reports in 2009.** items
British Columbia *2000 88484Yes YesYes YesNo YesNo English http://www.llbccat.leg.bc.ca/ *Selective content 1995-1999 Excludes Journals, Statutes, Bills, Debates, Public accounts, BC Gazette
Manitoba *2001 10651 Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No English French Some multilingual http://library.gov.mb.ca *Selective content from 1980s to 2000 **Items
Newfoundland and Labrador 1993 12494 0 0 3,000 0200 2800 0 English (forthcoming)  
New Brunswick 2005 1665 Yes No yes NoNo YesNo English French http://leg-horizon.gnb.ca/ipac20/ipac.jsp?profile=nbll  
Northwest Territories 2007 3143 Yes**Yes Yes------ Yes Yes No Mainly English, with some French and aboriginal languages http://nwte.sirsidynix.net/uhtbin/cgisirsi/x/0/0/57/49?user_id=MYLEG* Selective content back to 1960s *includes some NGO and Federal reports related to the NWT and the North Excludes full-text House docs such as Debates and Bills.** departmental newsletters
Nova Scotia *2008 7570 Yes Yes Yes No**Yes Yes No English and some French http://legcat.gov.ns.ca *Selective earlier content **Includes some reports (eg. committees). Excludes Debates and Journals.
Prince Edward Island                    
Ontario 1999 67568 yes yes yes --------**yes yesyes English French http://bit.ly/c2BEPz Selective pre-1999 content *items**Includes legislative pubns such as cttee repts, sessional papers, etc. Excludes full-text House docs (Debates, Bills, Journals).
Québec *2003 75412 Yes Yes Yes No ***Yes Yes No French English Other languages http://www.cubiq.ribg.gouv.qc.ca/zonesl/
English interface available. In the section "Define query limits", click on Assemblée nationale branch.
* records
** Selective pre-2003 content (digitized legislative publications)*** Includes minister and MLA speeches, committee briefs, pre-1997 Journals and budget speeches. Excludes full-text House docs (Debates, Bills).
Saskatchewan 1999 7499 yes yes yes -- no yes yes English http://legislative.voyager.uregina.ca:7208/vwebv/searchBasic?sk-en_USExcludes Debates, Statutes, Gazettes, Orders-in-council, Bills, and Journals. Selective pre-1999 content.
Canada (DSP) 1992 145714 yes yes yes -- no yes no English French Other languages http://publications.gc.ca/site/eng/ourCatalogue.html Excludes Debates, Statutes, Gazettes, Orders-in-council, Bills, and Journals.
TOTAL Record Count: 439073
Updated on 7/22/2014